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New on the website in February

Posted 2 Mar 2012

Biographies and obituaries have been entered for Peter Anders, Philip Brozel, Richard Cassilly, Elizabeth Connell, Gita Denise, Noel Eadie, Rita Gorr, E.C. Hedmondt, Pauline Joran, Miriam Licette, Louise Kirkby Lunn, Gladys Parr, David Pountney, Romualdo Sapio, Charles Webber, Doris Woodall.

Can anyone offer us photographs?    We also welcome corrections, additions or suggestions.

Notes on the following operas have been loaded; Beatrice and Benedict (Berlioz), Lighthouse (M. Davies), Lucio Silla, Mozart) and Okavango Macbeth (Cunningham)


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