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Thomas Seltz

Awesome X

Posted 4 Mar 2012

Opera is alive in Scotland - this new comic opera by Thomas Seltz is based on a collision between the X Factor and Big Brother.  Awesome X takes the concepts of media exploitation and so-called reality shows explored in contemporary operas such as Anna Nicole and Jerry Springer into the distant future.  There the economy is worse, and the world is more polluted.  People dream of a better life and a cruel and extreme form of reality TV gives it to them.  The libretto makes extensive use of amusing and sometimes offensive quotes from actual TV shows, thus looking back at today's culture, not judging but quoting.

Thomas is a promising composer, a graduate of Edinburgh University.  See Awesome X on Youtube here.   Thomas is trying to put together a funding package to support further performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - can anyone help?




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