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Wagner's operas in Scotland

Posted 10 Jun 2012

As we move towards the bicentenary of Wagner's birth (22 May 1813) Opera Scotland has been recovering the forgotten history of early performances. We have now been able to list the dates for the first Scottish performances of his operas (the two earliest haven't been given here at all). In doing so, we can claim not only to have updated and corrected previous attempts, but we've found most were performed earlier than previously thought.

                                         Go to our entry on Richard Wagner, scroll down and click through on your opera of choice. The date of first Scottish performance can be seen. Sometimes we've also been able to enter casts. Click on a cast member in the right hand green box and the tours will come up. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the earliest date to bring up the full cast.

In the fullness of time we plan to fill in the missing performances (with casts and companies) to bring out the richness of Scotland's operatic tradition.


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