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Opera Singer - or Singing Entrepreneur?

Posted 30 Jun 2012

An exciting new venture aimed at empowering opera singers and equipping them better for their vocation has been announced - the Singing Entrepreneur Forum. This two day London event is designed to highlight the self-management challenges faced by singers and will address issues of identity, marketing, business and performance.  To be held on Friday 3 August and Saturday 4 August at Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London, the sessions include many artists well known to Scottish fans, including Iain Paterson, Jamie MacDougall, Chris Gillett and Kate Flowers. The brainchild of Arlene Rolph and Darren Abrahams, full details can be found on their website The Singing Entrepreneur or on Facebook.  This Forum offers great potential to share experiences, to network, and to learn.


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