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Giuseppe De Begnis

Great bass De Begnis in Edinburgh 1828

Posted 30 Dec 2013

Giuseppe De Begnis was a famous bass, being chosen by Rossini to create the role of Dandini in Cenerentola (Cinderella), the premiere of which Rossini conducted.   De Begnis married a soprano who became famous under his name - they performed together in Turco in Italia in London. 

Opera Scotland remembers De Begnis because he took a company of Italian singers to Edinburgh in December 1827 and January 1828.  At Edinburgh's Theatre Royal, they gave the first performances in Scotland of Rossini's Turco in Italia and La gazza ladra, along with Mayr's  Il fanatico per la musica.  They also performed Barber of Seville a number of times, though this had been given in Scotland previously.

De Begnis was artistic director of the Theatre in Bath 1823-24 and the opera in Dublin from 1834-37.  De Begnis eventually travelled to New York, where he died in 1847 aged around fifty-six.


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