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Posted 1 Jan 2014

During December we have been focussing on Opera Scotland's list of dates for the first performance of operas in Scotland and now have over two hundred.  We have many more to identify and load, and of course are adding the casts.  In tandem, we are identifying one by one those operas given their first Scottish performance in Glasgow's Theatre Royal, for publicity when the theatre reopens.

Our archivist has also been offline for an extended period.  Our time to do 'normal' research has therefore been limited but please read the note for Giuseppe De Begnis and Simone Mayr's opera Fanatico per la musica. Information has been added for Barber of Seville (1827) and Fanatico per la musica (1828).  See also Turco in Italia (1827) and the Thieving Magpie (1828). Check out too Magic Flute (1998).

A Happy New Year to you all!


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