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New Figaro from VoiceArc

Posted 4 Mar 2015

A new opera company, VoiceArc, launches this week in Edinburgh. International opera singer, voice coach and Artistic Director of VoiceArc Dr Nell Drew, comments:

"VoiceArc arose from a conversation I had with a group of professional singers who were jaded by the constant rehashing of classic operas set within outdated themes. Increasingly the young professionals that we spoke to were turned away from opera as an art form because it bore no resemblance to the popular media they chose to engage with in their everyday lives. The need for VoiceArc was clear.

VoiceArc provides a safe space for the singers and creative team to explore new concepts and storyboards for both well-loved classics and new work, while maintaining the musical and vocal integrity and musicality originally envisioned by the composer. We don't seek to change the music, and we are still passionate about excellent singing. However, we aim to change the delivery to create operas for the modern world.

We hope audiences will be moved, challenged and thoroughly entertained by our unique interpretation of this Mozart masterpiece." 

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