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Launch of Newsletter

Posted 26 Aug 2015

Your free OperaScotland newsletter will be launched in a month's time.

Sign up now and help us build the mailing list before launch. You will have the benefit of learning about additions and discoveries of interest.To do this, use the subscribe button at the top right hand side of this home page.

OperaScotland also makes regular use of new media - Facebook and Twitter. Watch out for further developments.

When the OperaScotland website was launched we always intended to include a newsletter. However the priority has always been to develop content and make the website both credible and authoritative. This we believe we have achieved, and to judge by the feedback we receive, many others agree.

For some time now, Scottish Opera programmes have contained historical notes on past performances in Scotland, researched and written by us. Over twenty of these have been produced over the last four years. The OperaScotland database now contains over ten thousand performers past and present. We have so far identified and listed over twenty thousand performances between 1755 and the present day.. While much remains to be discovered, this together with other information offers a magnificent resource to opera lovers and researchers everywhere.

For the OperaScotland newsletter to be equally successful we want as many people as possible to enjoy it. Sign up yourself, tell your friends about the website and encourage them to sign up also.

Finally, help with the costs of running the website by using the donations button. Every donation, no matter how small, helps us.


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