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Posted 18 Dec 2019

The team behind OperaScotland has been asked many times to consider expanding the range of entries to cover some non-operatic works with vocal content.   These would include concert items performed by important artists who did not appear much, if at all, in opera in Scotland.

We have made a start on this big exercise.  Therefore you will now find some entries for concert works such as Verdi's Messa da Requiem and Lied von der Erde  by Gustav Mahler (pictured).  Just these two works allow us to add to the site entries for many prominent artists auch as José Carreras, René Kollo, Christa Ludwig and Herbert von Karajan.  The  entries will gradually fill up - although it will be some time before there is a comprehensive catalogue for Handel's Messiah, for example. 

There are now new or expanded entries for Mozart,  Beethoven, Schubert,  Rossini,  Bruckner, Mahler, Prokofiev and Britten. 




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