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Posted 17 Jul 2011

This event is an annual phenomenon. Since 2001, on the last Sunday in September it has been possible to hear one of the operatic works of Richard Wagner in Portobello Town Hall, Edinburgh. On Sunday 25th September, you can hear Twilight of the Gods (Götterdämmerung). The standard is a high one with much to enjoy - the cast and orchestra (a mix of professionals, semi-pros and talented amateurs) will have been at work from the Thursday evening! All those taking part chip in £40  to meet the costs of the event. Some musicians come a long distance to take part, some even from abroad.
Come along to listen and you are welcome - a donation towards the expenses of the day is expected (fifteen pounds is suggested). The 'performance' starts at 10.30 on Sunday 25 September, and is timed to finish at 1830. The running time includes two intervals of forty-five minutes each.




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