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David Garrick


Reginald Somerville (born 1867; died Tankerton-on-Sea, Kent, 8 July 1948)




Play (1864) by T W Robertson (1829-71).



First Performance: London (Covent Garden), 9 December 1920.

First Performance (revision): London (Queen's Theatre), 2 March 1922.

First Performance in Scotland: Glasgow (Theatre Royal) 19 February 1921.



Thomas William Robertson was a notable actor, playwright and director who introduced a new style of realistic drama and performance style. David Garrick remained a popular theatre-piece until well into the twentieth century. It was followed by a number of plays, generally with single word titles, such as Society (1865), Ours (1866), Caste (1867), Play (1868), School (1869) and MP (1870). These were performed by a company that bore his name even after his early death. His youngest sister, Margaret (1848-1935) as Madge Robertson was a leading player with the company, and as Dame Madge Kendal became an important and highly-respected actor of the late Victorian era.

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