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Goldsmith of Toledo Der Goldschmied von Toledo; The Goldsmith of Toledo

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Jacques Offenbach (born Cologne, 20 June 1819; died Paris, 5 October 1880)

Arranged from lesser known works of the composer by Julius Stern and Alfred Zamara, especially Der schwarze Korsar (Vienna 1872).


Karl Georg Zwerenz.


Story Das Fräulein von Scuderi (1819) by E T A Hoffmann (1776-1822).



First Performance: Mannheim (), 7 February 1919.

First Performance in UK: Edinburgh (King's Theatre), 16 March 1922.



As with Johann Strauss, Offenbach composed huge quantities of music that did not find its way into successful stage works in his lifetime. It was tempting for theatre managements to construct fresh works using this source. For Johann Strauss, Wiener Blut was created in this way. Der Goldschmied von Toledo (The Goldsmith of Toledo) was one of several works created from Offenbach's leftovers.

Given the composer's enthusiasm for Hoffmann's writings, it is perhaps appropriate that Stern and Zamara should have used the same source.

It is a strange coincidence that Paul Hindemith should, just a few years later, have also used this story as the basis for his opera Cardillac, premiered in Dresden (1926).



Francisco Malaveda, a goldsmith (baritone)

Magdalena, his daughter (soprano)

Lionardo, his apprentice (tenor)

Teresa, his housekeeper (mezzo-soprano)

Marchesa Dolores (soprano)

Don Miguel, her lover (tenor)

Mendoza, a doctor (bass)

Carmona, a composer (baritone)

The Cast

 a composer
Don Miguel
 the Marchesa's lover
Francisco Malaveda
 a goldsmith
 Malaveda's apprentice, in love with Magdalena
 Malaveda's daughter, in love with Lionardo
Marchesa Dolores
 a doctor
 Malaveda's housekeeper

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