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Remembrance Day

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2009 - Scottish Opera
Fully Staged with Orchestra

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Stuart MacRae


Louise Welsh



First Performance: Glasgow (Òran Mór), 20 February 2009.

Scottish Opera premiere: As above.



Remembrance Day was put on last, at the end of a session of five new works where the audience as well as the performers, had worked hard and might have been expected to have developed fatigue. A creepy little thriller is just the job in those circumstances, and worked well.



Frances Grieve (contralto)

Douglas Grieve (bass)

Lyn (soprano)


Programme Note

Seventeen-year-old Lyn is saving for university by cleaning the house of two elderly neighbours, Douglas and Frances Grieve. Lyn is full of excitement at her future, and a little disgusted by the decrepitude of the Grieves' house. She's impatient to get away. When her iPod stops working she decides to play an old record, but the music rekindles the elderly couple's past, unleashing horrific consequences.

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