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Minotaur The Minotaur

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2000s - 1 tour

2004 - Scottish Opera
Fully Staged with Orchestra

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Julian Evans


Allan Dunn


Greek mythology



First Performance: Glasgow (Theatre Royal), 14 May 2004.

First Performance in Scotland: As above.

Scottish Opera premiere: As above.



Scottish Opera has a good record for commissioning and performing operas aimed at children. This piece was quite a successful example which toured widely round the country. It is not to be confused with the work of the same title that followed soon afterwards at Covent Garden with music by Sir Harrison Birtwistle to a text by David Harsent.


Main Characters


Plot Summary

King Minos is cursed by the gods to have a son, the Minotaur, who is half man, half bull, lives in a labyrinth and requires human sacrifice. Having defeated the Athenians he extracts tribute from King Aegeus, who is appalled when his son Theseus volunteers to go to Crete as one of the group to be sacrificed. However Ariadne falls for Theseus and gives him help to escape the labyrinth. He is eventually the last survivor among the Athenians, but succeeds in killing the Minotaur before making his escape with Ariadne. He forgets the pre-arranged signal agreed with his father to show he is alive, so when his ship is sighted with its black sail, instead of a white one, King Aegeus kills himself.

The Cast

King Aegeus
 father of Theseus
King Minos
 of Crete
Princess Ariadne
 daughter of King Minos
Queen Medea
 wife of Aegeus
Theseus' Mother

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