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Iris Murder

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2010s - 1 tour

2016 - Hebrides Ensemble
Fully Staged with Orchestra

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Alasdair Nicolson Music
John Gallas Libretto

Rawley Beaunes is revisiting the woods, as he often does, with a bunch of cheap flowers, throwing them on strange mounds of earth. Suddenly he encounters Iris and, in a fit of anger, knocks her head off and leaves. Thinking nothing of it he settles at home on his 42nd birthday night to reflect upon his achievements. But the Green Man comes calling and summons Beaunes to a trial for the murder of Iris, Poppy, Heather, Fern, Rose...As punishment he is forced to see the world in all its depravity, selfishness and darkness before being returned to normal life. New Year comes, he is ready for his new 'date' and another trip to the woods, but there he encounters Iris (masquerading as Mercy Wilkins) again...Will history repeat itself?

This is the first of two performances by the Hebrides Ensemble a longstanding collaborator with the Festival and also celebrating its 25th Birthday. Look out for a further performances on Thursday 23 (Event 32).

Tickets £17 Concessions £13 

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