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Howard Talbot

Lionel Monckton


Mark Ambient (book)

Alexander M Thompson (book)

Arthur Wimperis (Lyrics)



First Performance:  London (Shaftesbury Theatre),  28 April 1909.

First Performance in Scotland: tbc.



The Arcadians was one of the most successful musical comedies of the Edwardian era, providing useful escapist entertainment during the First World War.

The mythical land of Arcadia was a popular subject in Victorian times, with its emphasis on nymphs and shepherds.  The idea was satirised by Gilbert and Sullivan in Iolanthe, in which the leading characters of Strephon and Phyllis are an Arcadian shepherd and shepherdess.


Main Characters

James Smith, later Simplicitas

Mrs James Smith

Peter Doody, a jockey

Jack Meadows

Eileen Cavanagh

Sombra, an Arcadian

The Cast

 An Arcadian
Eileen Cavanagh
Jack Meadows
James Smith, later Simplicitas
 of Smith & Co, Caterers, later an Arcadian
Mrs James Smith
Sir George Paddock
  An Arcadian

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