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Born Livorno, 7 December 1863.

Died Rome, 2 August 1945.

Italian composer.

Mascagni achieved instant success with the opening performance of Cavalleria rusticana, winner of a competition for new operas. His subsequent work shows a commendable desire to avoid any sense of repetition, and several pieces enjoyed initial success, but nothing, not even the charming pastoral idyll L'amico Fritz, has achieved anything like the staying power. The last years of Mascagni's career were overshadowed by his enthusiastic support of the Mussolini regime, which gave him great prominence as a teacher and conductor in the thirties (and he did conduct an early complete recording of Cavalleria, generally still available).

Operas performed in Scotland are shown in bold:-

01   Cavalleria rusticana (Rome 1890) (Menasci & Targioni-Tozzetti)

02   L'amico Fritz (Rome 1891) (Dasporo)

03   I Rantzau (Florence 1892) (Menasci & Targioni-Tozzetti)

04   Guglielmo Ratcliff (Milan 1895) (Maffei)

05   Silvano (Milan 1895) (Targioni-Tozzetti)

06   Zanetto (Pesaro 1896) (Menasci & Targioni-Tozzetti)

07   Iris (Rome 1898) (Illica)

08   Vistilia (1900 unperf) (Menasci & Targioni-Tozzetti)

09   Le maschere (Rome, Milan, Turin, Genoa, Verona 1901) (Illica)

10   Amica (Monte Carlo 1905) (Choudens & Collin)

11   Isabeau (Buenos Aires 1911) (Illica)

12   Parisina (Milan 1915) (d'Annunzio)

13   Lodoletta (Rome 1917) (Forzano)

14   Si (Rome 1919) (Lombardo & Franci)

15   Il piccolo Marat (Rome 1921) (Forzano & Targioni-Tozzetti)

16   Pinotta (San Remo 1932) (Targioni-Tozzetti)

17   Nerone (Milan 1935) (Targioni-Tozzetti) 

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