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Born London 1859.

Died London, 24 May 1932.

English soprano.

Georgina Burns was a leading figure with the Carl Rosa company for over a decade.

Soon after the death of the founder in 1889, Burns and her husband, the baritone Leslie Crotty, set up their own touring company  

Under the names variously of the Georgina Burns Light Opera Company or the Burns-Crotty Opera Company, from 1891 onwards they concentrated on presenting an extravagant staging of Rossini's under-appreciated Cenerentola.   

In their second season they added a single weekly performance of The Bohemian Girl. However the losses continued and they each suffered a collapse in health which ended their partnership and their success.

Burns had a sister Caroline, also a soprano, who sang under the name Cora Stuart.

The illustration below on the left is an engraving of Burns published when she was only twenty. 

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