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Born Waterford, 11 March 1812.

Died Vieuzos, 12 October 1865.

Irish composer, virtuoso pianist & violinist.

Wallace was given a thorough music training as a result of his father's occupation as a military bandmaster, which also involved travel throughout the UK and Ireland according to posting.  As the British economy became depressed, he took his family to Australia.  After some success there, he moved on to New Zealand, then crossed the Pacific to South America, Mexico, the Caribbean and USA.

When he returned to London he had an immediate and lasting success with his first opera, Maritana.  His second opera was a failure and he resumed his travels.  He was a prolific composer of piano solos and songs.

Eventually he returned to London, having a great success with Lurline.  His later operas were less successful, and there are several that were unperformed or that he left incomplete.


Operas performed in Scotland are shown in bold:

1      Maritana (London 1845) (Fitzball)

2      Matilda of Hungary (London 1847) (Bunn)

3      Lurline (London 1860) (Fitzball)

4      Amber Witch (London 1861) (Chorley)

5      Love's Triumph (London 1862) (Planche)

6      Desert Flower (London 1863) (Harris & Williams)

Roles in Scotland

Amber Witch

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