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Sergey Vasilyevich Rakhmaninov

Born Semyonovo, 1 April 1873.

Died Beverly Hills, Calif., 28 March 1943.

Russian pianist and composer.

It is a pity that Rachmaninov did not return to opera composition later in his career, because each of these three early works, though brief, shows a certain talent for drama, even if the young composer was not at that stage as confident at dealing with librettists. Aleko is probably the most satisfying, based on a story by Pushkin and with a man of the theatre adapting the text. Francesca really struggles because of the poorly proportioned text supplied by Modest Tchaikovsky - Paolo and Francesca don't have enough time to make an impact.

Several years later, inspired by reading Balmont's translation of Poe's poem The Bells, he composed a large-scale choral symphony which is very impressive.

Operas and choral works performed in Scotland are shown in bold:-

01   Aleko (Moscow 1893) (Nemirovich-Danchenko)

02   The Miserly Knight - Skupoi Rytsar' (Moscow 1906) (Pushkin)

03   Francesca da Rimini (Moscow 1906) (M Tchaikovsky)

04   The Bells (St Petersburg 1913) (Poe tr Balmont)                                                              

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