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Luigi Dallapiccola Suggest updates

Born Pisino d'Istria, 3 February 1904.

Died Florence, 19 February 1975.

Italian composer.

In his lifetime, Dallapiccola was considered to be among the most important of Italian modernists, though since his death performances have become scarce. Il prigioniero, a distinctly disturbing piece about the evils of the Inquisition, still shows occasional signs of life. Volo di notte has hardly been done since Scottish Opera enterprisingly chose it as its first piece by a living composer in 1963. The two later works have still to appear in Britain.


Operas performed in Scotland are shown in bold:-

01   Volo di notte (Florence 1940) (cpsr)

02   Il prigioniero (Florence 1950) (cpsr)

03   Job (Rome 1950) (cpsr)

04   Ulisse (Berlin 1968) (cpsr) 

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