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Sir Alexander Campbell Mackenzie.

Born Edinburgh, 22 August 1847.

Died London, 28 April 1935.

Scottish composer and teacher.

Alexander Mackenzie was one of the most accomplished of British composers in the Victorian period. He was even more noted as a teacher, holding the post of Principal of the Royal Academy of Music in London from 1888 until 1924.

His musical childhood in Edinburgh was supervized by his father, who led the orchestra in the Edinburgh theatre for many years. He started to play violin in the pit from eight, and was sent to study in Germany at twelve.

Operas performed in Scotland are shown in bold:

01   Colomba (London 1883) (Hueffer)

02   The Troubadour (1886)

03   Phoebe (1894)

04   His Majesty, or The Court of Vingolia (London 1897) (Burnand, Lehmann & Ross)

05   The Cricket on the Hearth (1902; prod London 1914) (Sturgis)

06   The Knights of the Road (1905)

07   The Eve of St John (Liverpool 1924) (Farjeon)

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Eve of St John

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