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Press reports seem to divide fairly equally between the possible spellings of the surname, with, or without, that final e.

Roles in Scotland

Hans Schwarz a stocking-weaver
Mastersingers of Nuremberg 1921
Reinmar von Zweter a knight and minnesinger
Tannhäuser 1921
Tannhäuser 1922
Hunding husband of Sieglinde
Valkyrie 1921
Ferrando captain of Di Luna's guard
Trovatore 1921
Sparafucile a professional assassin
Rigoletto 1922
Friar Lawrence
Romeo and Juliet 1922
Veit Pogner a goldsmith
Mastersingers of Nuremberg 1924
Ramfis High Priest
Aïda 1924
Heinrich Henry the Fowler, King of Germany
Lohengrin 1924
Rocco gaoler
Fidelio 1924

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