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Born London, 25 July 1855.

Died London, 22 January 1895.

English composer.

Edward Solomon had a prolific and successful career as a composer and performer, both in London and New York. He was seen as one of the possible successors to Sullivan, until his early death, from typhoid. Unlike Sullivan, he continued to compose brief, single-act works to be used as occasional pieces or curtain-raisers for longer works at the Savoy and elsewhere. His personal life was colourful, including a marriage to his American star, Lillian Russell, which turned out to be bigamous on his part.

Operas performed in Scotland are shown in bold:

01   A Will with a Vengeance (London 1876) (Hay)

02   Contempt of Court (London 1877) (Matthison)

03   Billee Taylor, or The Reward of Virtue (London 1880) (Stephens)

04   Popsy Wopsy (London 1880) (Grundy)

05   Claude Duval, or Love and Larceny (London 1881) (Stephens)

06   Quite an Adventure (London 1881) (Desprez)

07   Lord Bateman, or Picotee's Pledge (London 1882) (Stephens)

08   The Vicar of Bray (London 1882, rev 1892) (Grundy)

09   Virginia and Paul, or Changing the Rings (New York 1883) (Stephens)

10   Polly, or The Pet of the Regiment (London 1884) (Mortimer)

11   Pocahontas, or The Great White Pearl (London 1884) (Grundy)

12   Pepita, or The Girl with Glass Eyes (New York 1886) (Thompson)

13   The Maid and the Moonshiner (New York 1886) (Hoyt)

14   Pickwick (London 1889) (Burnand)

15   Tuppins and Co. (London 1889) (Watson)

16   The Red Hussar (London 1889) (Stephens)

17   Domestic Economy (London 1890) (Burnand)

18   The Tiger (London 1890) (Burnand)

19   Killiecrumper (London 1891) (Watson)

20    The Nautch Girl, or The Rajah of Chutneypore (London 1891) (Dance; Desprez)

30   The Professor (London 1895) (Barrington)


Main Source: The Guide to Light Opera and Operetta (www.musicaltheatreguide.com).


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