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Louis Charles Bonaventure Alfred Bruneau.

Born Paris, 3 March 1857.

Died Paris, 15 June 1934.

French composer and critic.

Alfred Bruneau was heavily influenced by the work of his friend, the writer and polemicist Emile Zola, who provided the scenarios for most of his operas. This seems to imply rather a contrast with any influence asserted by his teacher, Massenet, from whom he took a highly melodic style.

Operas produced in Scotland are shown in bold:

Kérim (1886) ()

Le rêve (Paris 1891) (Gallet)

L’attaque du moulin (Paris 1893) (Gallet)

Messidor (Paris 1897) (Zola)

L’ Ouragan (Paris 1901) (Zola)

Lazare (1902) ()

L’ enfant roi (Paris 1905) (Zola)

Naïs Micoulin (Monte Carlo 1907) (cpsr)

Les quatre journées (Paris 1916) (cpsr)

Le roi Candaule (Paris 1920) (Donnay)

Le jardin du paradis (1921) ()

Angélo, tyran de Padou (Paris 1928) (Mère)

Virginie (Paris 1931) (Duvernois)

Roles in Scotland

Attack on the Mill

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