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Sir George William Langham Christie, CH.

Born Glynde, 31 December 1934.

Died Glynde, 7 May 2014.

English administrator.

Sir George Christie's entire life was spent in close involvement with the Glyndebourne Festival, which was founded by his parents in 1934. He succeeded his father as Chairman at the age of 23, managing the enterprise with a sure hand. Under his governance the repertoire was expanded and the quality of production and of rehearsals became a model of how such things should be done. This all culminated in the opening of an excellent new theatre that allowed for the production of larger-scale works, including Wagner. Following this success, he retired in 1999, being succeeded as Chairman by his own son, Gus.

His connection with opera in Scotland began with the first Edinburgh Festival. In many of the early years the operatic element was provided by Glyndebourne, and at the first event in 1947 Christie played the silent role of Banquo's son, Fleance, in Verdi's Macbeth. He later worked as assistant to several notable directors. The company's final visit to the Festival came in 1961. Glyndebourne Touring Opera, set up in 1967, was designed to take excellent stagings round the country after the Festival, frequently with young singers and covers from the main Festival in leading roles. On this basis there have been three visits to Edinburgh and one to Glasgow.

Roles in Scotland

Fleance son of Banquo
Macbeth 1947

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