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Steven Pimlott's production of The Pearl Fishers had a long opening tour consisting of eleven performances in the autumn of 1981 which extended into the new year for a further 26 performances. It was billed as a medium-scale tour and visited many theatres too small for the full company - but the scale of the production was in fact ideal for this particular opera (and many others of a similar scale). The staging was quite adequate for performance in the larger theatres as well. The Capitol in Aberdeen, a large cinema in Union Street which still retained its stage largely for rock concerts, was used by the company for the first (and only) time because His Majesty's was closed for renovation work.

In pre-supertitle days it seemed an odd decision to perform the work in French, since no native French speakers were employed, and the standard of diction was distinctly variable. It was noticeable that performances were not marketed as Les Pêcheurs de Perles. In view of the number of performances given, it was sensible to double cast all four principal roles.

The actual production looked handsome - very simple with easily moved pieces of statuary, colourful costumes and subtle lighting. Perhaps only the smoke machine was overdone.

Performance Cast

Nadir a fisherman, friend of Zurga

Gordon Christie (Sep 9, 30; Oct 2; Nov 30; Dec 28)

Neil Jenkins (Oct 1, 3; Dec 23, 30)

Zurga leader of the fishermen

Donald Maxwell (Sep 9, 30; Oct 2; Nov 30; Dec 28)

Alan Oke (Oct 1, 3; Dec 23, 30)

Léïla a priestess of Brahma

Marie Slorach (Sep 9, 30; Oct 2; Nov 30; Dec 28)

Vida Schepens (Oct 1, 3; Dec 23, 30)

Nourabad High Priest of Brahma

Roderick Kennedy (Sep 9, 30; Oct 2; Nov 30; Dec 28)

Keith Brookes (Oct 1, 3; Dec 23, 30)

Performance DatesPearl Fishers 1981

Map List

Theatre Royal, Newcastle | Newcastle-upon-Tyne

9 Sep, 19.15 11 Sep, 19.15

Capitol Cinema | Aberdeen

30 Sep, 19.15 1 Oct, 19.15 2 Oct, 19.15 3 Oct, 19.15

Empire Theatre, Liverpool | Liverpool

14 Nov, 19.15

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

30 Nov, 19.15 23 Dec, 19.15 28 Dec, 19.15 30 Dec, 19.15

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