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The final presentation of Colin Graham's production from 1968 was revived by Michael Follis, a bass who worked with Graham at the English Opera Group and English Music Theatre.

This was also notable in being the last main season visit by Scottish Opera to the King's in Edinburgh. In June, the Playhouse, an enormous cinema building which had retained its stage facilities, re-opened in theatrical form to accommodate large-scale touring shows.

The internationally renowned Scottish tenor Joseph Hislop spent many years in his retirement teaching in London, where Donald Pilley studied with him. Later, back in Scotland, his final pupil of note was Donald Maxwell - and here are both Pilley and Maxwell. Sadly Hislop had died in 1977.

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Performance Cast

Hobson carrier, constable of The Borough

Norman White

Swallow lawyer, Mayor of The Borough

William McCue

Peter Grimes a fisherman

Allen Cathcart

Mrs 'Nabob' Sedley widow of an East India Company factor

Noreen Berry

Ellen Orford widow and schoolmistress

Catherine Wilson

Captain Balstrode a retired sea officer

John Shaw

Bob Boles fisherman and Methodist

Donald Pilley

Rev Horace Adams the Rector

John Robertson

Auntie landlady of 'The Boar'

Claire Livingstone

First 'Niece'

Marie McLaughlin

Second 'Niece'

Vida Schepens

Ned Keene apothecary and quack

Donald Maxwell

Performance DatesPeter Grimes 1980

Map List

King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

16 Apr, 19.15 18 Apr, 19.15

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

30 Apr, 19.15 3 May, 19.15 6 May, 19.15 8 May, 19.15

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