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Alcina 2000Stuttgart State Opera

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These rare Scottish performances of Alcina, one of the great masterpieces of baroque opera, introduced British audiences to the directorial talents of the Wieler Morabito duo. Their efforts however were not universally admired due to the constant imposition of concepts that seemed to be at odds with the other elements of the performance. Mind you, the second staging of theirs to be seen in Edinburgh in 2004, Pelléas et Mélisande, offered even less respect for the music.

Universal enjoymant was supplied by the returns of Alice Coote and Catriona Smith, as well as the introduction of Catherine Naglestad in the demanding title role. The musical performance, led by Alan Hacker, was quite outstanding, and well worth putting up with the eccentricities of the staging, which seemed to take place, for the most part, in a suburban living room.

Performance Cast

Bradamante a lady, betrothed to Ruggiero and disguised

Helene Schneiderman

Melisso tutor to Bradamante

Michael Ebbecke

Morgana Alcina's sister and Oronte's lover

Catriona Smith

Alcina an enchantress in love with Ruggiero

Catherine Naglestad

Ruggiero a knight enslaved to Alcina

Alice Coote

Oberto a youth

Claudia Mahnke

Oronte commander of Alcina's forces

Rolf Romei

Astolfo Oberto's father

Heinz Gerger

Performance DatesAlcina 2000

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Festival Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

14 Aug, 19.15 16 Aug, 19.15 17 Aug, 19.15

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