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Libuše 1998Edinburgh International Festival

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Companies from Prague (1964, 1970) and Bratislava (1990) visited the Festival bringing productions of little-known works from their national repertoire. None of those visits included Libuše, seen almost as a national icon, but not considered to be accessible to foreign audiences. So here it was, receiving its British premiere, and treated almost like an oratorio or pageant - not entirely inappropriate, since it is a static piece with massed choral effects. The challenge was for the Edinburgh Festival Chorus to learn their parts in Czech, a language they were unused to (since the Glagolitic Mass is in Old Slavonic). A pity that, having done so, they did not perform the work again after a year or two. Apart from the local orchestra, the other participants had the piece in their blood, indeed Urbanová, Kaupová and Dohnányi had recorded it for Supraphon a couple of years earlier.

Performance Cast

Libuše a Bohemian princess

Eva Urbanová

Přemysl of Stadice

Ivan Kusnjer

Chrudoš from Otava, Št'áhlav's brother

Jiři Sulzenko

Št'áhlav from Radbuza, Chrudoš's brother

Štefan Margita

Lutobor from Dobroslavský Chlumec, their uncle

Peter Mikuláš

Radovan from the Stone Bridge

Jiři Kubik

Krasava Lutobor's daughter

Helena Kaupová

Radmila sister of the two brothers

Denisa Šlepskovská

First Harvester

Natalia Melnik

Second Harvester

Helena Kaupová

Third Harvester

Denisa Šlepskovská

Fourth Harvester

Štefan Margita

Performance DatesLibuše 1998

Map List

Usher Hall | Edinburgh

4 Sep, 19.15

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