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Périchole 1988Schiller Theatre Company, Berlin

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The performance of Offenbach's operettas is an extremely difficult art - they require a lightness of touch, even a delicacy of approach, to build up the correct atmosphere. Also, they are extremely difficult to sing. It has to be said that this new production, by a German theatre company, not an opera one, failed on both counts. The singers simply didn't have the basic vocal technique required, so the solo numbers all lacked the required charm. And the humour had a sadly laboured aspect, which the undoubted acting talents of the artists could not easily overcome.

Performance Cast

Périchole a street singer

Regina Lemnitz

Piquillo a street singer, in love with La Périchole

Wolfgang Ransmayr

Don Andrès de Ribeira Viceroy of Peru

Thomas Schendel

Count Miguel de Panatellas lord-in-waiting to the Viceroy

Robert Tillian

Don Pedro de Hinoyosa Governor of Lima

Toni Slama

Old Prisoner

Max Buchsbaum

First Notary

Harry Tchor

Second Notary

Eduard Wildner


Eduard Wildner

Guadalena joint proprietress of the 'Three Cousins' Tavern

Ksenija Lukić

Berginella joint proprietress of the 'Three Cousins' Tavern

Anne-Lisa Nathan

Mastrilla joint proprietress of the 'Three Cousins' Tavern

Cornelia Geiger

Frasquinella a lady of the Court

Ksenija Lukić

Brambilla a lady of the Court

Anne-Lisa Nathan

Ninetta a lady of the Court

Cornelia Geiger

Performance DatesPérichole 1988

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King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

29 Aug, 19.30 30 Aug, 19.30 31 Aug, 19.30

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