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Incoronazione di Poppea 1992Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama (RSAMD)

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It has to be said that by 1992 Raymond Leppard's edition of this fascinating work, which had done sterling service for thirty years, was beginning to sound rather too lush, particularly in a lovely intimate theatre such as the New Athenaeum. Nevertheless, Monteverdi's music is good for students, not requiring the power of some later composers, and there are plenty of well differentiated short roles. And when, as here, there were two casts, a lot of the students got to appear and gain useful stage experience.

Performance Cast

Fortuna Goddess of Fortune

Amanda Morrison (Jun 29; Jul 1)

Clare Haworth (Jun 30; Jul 2)

Virtù Goddess of Virtue

Jane Elders (Jun 29; Jul 1)

Nicki Kennedy (Jun 30; Jul 2)

Amore Cupid

Patricia Head (Jun 29; Jul 1)

Wilma MacDougall (Jun 30; Jul 2)

First Soldier of Nero's bodyguard

Paul Rendall

Second Soldier of Nero's bodyguard

Daniel Meades

Poppea Nero's mistress

Sandra May Charles (Jun 29; Jun 1)

Celia James (Jun 30; Jul 2)

Nerone Nero, Emperor of Rome

Gavin Cuthbertson (Jun 29; Jul 1)

Campbell Russell Jun 30; Jul 2)

Ottavia Octavia, Empress, Nero's wife

Judith Tonner (Jun 29; Jul 1)

Karen Murray Jun 30; Jul 2)

Ottone Otto, former lover of Poppea

William Jenkins (Jun 29; Jul 1)

George Banks-Martin (Jun 30; Jul 2)

Seneca a philosopher, Nero's former tutor

Gordon Cowie

Drusilla Otto's lover

Joanne Dexter (Jun 29; Jul 1)

Mhairi Lawson (Jun 30; Jul 2)

Arnalta Poppea's nurse

Colette Ruddy (Jun 29; Jul 1)

Rebecca Sharp (Jun 30; Jul 2)

Liberto a freedman (former slave)

Charles Munro

Valletto page in Octavia's household

Dennis Haggerty

Damigella maidservant in Octavia's household

Heather Stewart (Jun 29; Jul 1)

Alice Dumas (Jun 30; Jul 2)

Pallade Pallas Athene, goddess of wisdom and justice

Clare Haworth (Jun 29; Jul 1)

Amanda Morrison (Jun 30; Jul 2)

Lucano Lucan, a poet

Paul Rendall (Jun 29; Jul 1)

Daniel Meades (Jun 30; Jul 2)

Littore Lictor

Richard Good

Performance DatesIncoronazione di Poppea 1992

Map List

New Athenaeum Theatre | Glasgow

29 Jun, 19.15 30 Jun, 19.15 1 Jul, 19.15 2 Jul, 19.15

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