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Mlada 1990Bolshoi Opera, Moscow

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The opening choice for the 1990 Bolshoi visit, Mlada was an unknown quantity - one of those obscure Russian operas set in the distant pre-Christian past, full of exotic characters and situations, but this time having large sections of ballet mixed in with the operatic side.  The huge audience loved it. In what was a superb demonstration of this great company's repertoire system, the cast had great strength in depth, so a principal tenor like Fedin, who would sing major roles in the other operas, here sang the Moor. Elena Zaremba and Nina Galonova, Lumir and Morena in some performances, also went on as Third Market Woman on their 'night off'.

Performance Cast

Prince Mstivoy

Gleb Nikolsky (Aug 3, 5)

Boris Morozov (Aug 4, 6)

Princess Voyslava Mstivoy's daughter

Makvala Kasrashvili (Aug 3, 5)

Irina Udalova (Aug 4, 6)

Morena goddess of darkness

Galina Borisova (Aug 3, 5)

Nina Galonova (Aug 4, 6)

Lada a good spirit

Yulia Volodina

Prince Yaromir

Oleg Kulko (Aug 3, 5)

Arkady Mishenkin (Aug 4, 6)

Mlada a ghost

Nadezhda Gracheva

Lumir a Czech visitor

Elena Zaremba (Aug 3, 5)

Ludmila Nam (Aug 4, 6)

Man from Novgorod

Vladimir Kudriashov (Aug 3, 5)

Aleksandr Arkhipov (Aug 4, 6)

Wife from Novgorod

Tatiana Pechnura


Yuri Nechaev


Yuri Statnik (Aug 3, 5)

Anatoly Babykin (Aug 4, 6)


Aleksandr Fedin (Aug 3, 5)

Andrei Salnikov (Aug 4, 6)

First Merchant

Nikolai Maiboroda (Aug 3, 5)

Konstantin Baskov (Aug 4, 6)

Second Merchant

Maxim Mikhailov (Aug 3, 5)

Viacheslav Pochansky (Aug 4, 6)

First Market Woman

Nina Larionova (Aug 3, 5)

Larisa Yurchenko (Aug 4, 6)

Second Market Woman

Olga Terushnova (Aug 3, 5)

Marina Shutova (Aug 4, 6)

Third Market Woman

Nina Galonova (Aug 3, 5)

Elena Zaremba (Aug 4, 6)

Cleopatra a vision

Nadezhda Gracheva

Veglasniy High Priest of Radegast

Anton Dzhaparedze (Aug 3, 5)

Mikhail Maslov (Aug 4, 6)

Performance DatesMlada 1990

Map List

Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre | Glasgow

3 Aug, 19.00 4 Aug, 19.00 5 Aug, 19.00 6 Aug, 19.00

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