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Maid of Orleans 1990Bolshoi Opera, Moscow

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If Mlada is an almost completely unknown piece, at least the title gives audiences some idea of what to expect from the Tchaikovsky. The opera itself was by no means as fascinatingly different as the Rimsky had been, but it was still thoroughly enjoyable, and the staging worked remarkably well, given the improvised nature of the theatre.  Even the machinery levitating Joan at the end worked efficiently and silently. Most of the scenes were essentially in tableau form, and not necessarily all that vivant. If one singer stood out, it was perhaps the second Lionel, Vladimir Redkin, youthful and offering a lovely sense of phrasing. The next year he was quite justifiably promoted to the first team, leading off the Onegin performances in Edinburgh, and Scottish Opera also employed him for some welcome Verdi performances over the next few years.

Performance Cast

Thibaut Joan's father

Nikolai Nizienko (Aug 10, 12)

Viacheslav Pochansky (Aug 11)

Raymond a villager

Lev Kuznetsov (Aug 10)

Nikolay Vasiliev (Aug 11)

Evgeny Raikov (Aug 12)

Jeanne Joan of Arc

Makvala Kasrashvili (Aug 10, 12)

Irina Udalova (Aug 11)

Bertrand an old peasant

Maxim Mikhailov (Aug 10, 12)

Peter Gluboky (Aug 11)


Viacheslav Pochansky (Aug 10)

Anatoly Babykin (Aug 11, 12)

Charles VII King of France

Oleg Kulko (Aug 10, 12)

Aleksandr Fedin (Aug 11)

Agnès Sorel the King's mistress

Galina Chernoba

Dunois an officer of the King

Mikhail Krutikov (Aug 10, 12)

Mikhail Maslov (Aug 11)


Gleb Nikolsky (Aug 10, 12)

Boris Bezhko (Aug 11)

Lionel a Burgundian knight

Igor Morozov (Aug 10, 12)

Vladimir Redkin (Aug 11)


Peter Gluboky (Aug 10)

Maxim Mikhailov (Aug 11)

Viacheslav Pochansky (Aug 12)

Angel voice

Nina Larionova

Performance DatesMaid of Orleans 1990

Map List

Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre | Glasgow

10 Aug, 19.00 11 Aug, 19.00 12 Aug, 19.00

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