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Whether Scottish Opera needed a new production of Kátya may have been debatable. After all, the Pountney staging of 1979 was perfectly acceptable and had never been revived. (Perhaps the sets had simply failed to survive storage). In the event, the new version was a disappointment, with very little of the cumulative dramatic power which this astonishing opera usually supplies in spades. All the singers were good, but the drama hung fire, and Richard Armstrong seemed off form. Just to be perverse, the company did revive this one, giving it a radical rethink in 1999, turning it into the best run of the work to have been seen in Scotland. Typically, of course, it has not been seen since.

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Performance Cast

Váňa Kudrjaš a school teacher

Iain Paton

Glaša an old servant

Catherine Croall

Savel Prokofievich Dikoj a merchant

David Gwynne

Boris Grigorievich Dikoj's nephew

Richard Brunner

Feklusha a pilgrim

Margaret Izatt

Marfa Ignatyevna Kabanová a merchant's widow, called Kabanicha

Elizabeth Vaughan

Tikhon Ivanovich Kabanov Kabanicha's son

Anthony Roden

Káterina Kabanová known as Katya, Tikhon's wife

Helen Field

Varvara foster-child in the Kabanov household

Elizabeth McCormack

Kuligin a friend of Vána

Quentin Hayes

Performance DatesKátya Kabanová 1993

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

16 Oct, 19.15

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