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A run of 13 performances culminating at Hogmanay (with Christmas Eve and Boxing Day en route) gave a final seasonal outing to David Pountney's excellent production. Several old stagers were still in harness, including the classic interpretations of Rosalinde and Adele by Catherine Wilson and Patricia Hay. It seems strange to describe Nigel Douglas as a newcomer in this role, for he spent the early years of his career in Austria, and had a sense of style and timing that was quite special. But this was the only occasion when he sang operetta in Scotland. Notable among the newcomers was Alan Oke, giving a distinctly unusual reading to Frank, seeing him as a Bertie Woosterish silly-ass type, which worked rather well.

Performance Cast

Adele the Eisensteins' maid

Patricia Hay

Rosalinde wife of Eisenstein

Catherine Wilson

Alfred an Italian tenor and admirer of Rosalinde

Gordon Christie

Gabriel von Eisenstein

Nigel Douglas

Blind Eisenstein's lawyer

John Robertson

Falke a notary and friend of Eisenstein

Ian Caddy

Frank prison governor

Alan Oke

Ida Adele's sister

Una Buchanan

Orlofsky a rich young Russian prince

Diana Montague (Exc Dec 28, 31)

Beverley Mills (Dec 28, 31)

Frosch prison warder

John Lawson Graham

Performance DatesFledermaus 1981

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

28 Oct, 19.15 31 Oct, 19.15 22 Dec, 19.15 24 Dec, 19.15 26 Dec, 16.15 29 Dec, 19.15 31 Dec, 19.15

Theatre Royal, Newcastle | Newcastle-upon-Tyne

4 Nov, 19.15 6 Nov, 19.15

Empire Theatre, Liverpool | Liverpool

11 Nov, 19.15 13 Nov, 19.15

Playhouse Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

10 Dec, 19.15 12 Dec, 19.15

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