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Richard Genée is known today mainly as the librettist of several successful Viennese operettas, most notably Die Fledermaus. However he was a reasonably successful composer, too. The Naval Cadet only had a modest reception when it opened at the Globe Theatre in London, but this touring production, a few months later, seems to have been highly popular.

Performance Cast

Cerisette an actress, Singing Soubrette at the Théâtre des Alienations Musicales, Paris

Emily Soldene

Inez-Maria-Estrella Queen of Portugal

Rose Stella

Dolores young wife of Don Prolixio, and confidante of the Queen

Clara Vesey

Don Florio a Portuguese Admiral, Governor of the Naval Academy, Captain of the Fleet

Durward Lely

Garlic manservant to Don Florio

John Wallace (May)

Mr W Quinton (Sep)

Don Januario a Peruvian exquisite, visiting the Portuguese Court

Signor Olmi

Don Mauritio Nephew of the Governor of the Brazils, at Lisbon for his Naval Education

Maggie Duggan

Paz a Bourgeois Bridegroom

Mr Appleby

Vaz Paz's Best Man

Mr R B Mason

Don Prolixio da Frutti-Porto Tutor to the Queen, an Authority on Etiquette

Edward Marshall (May)

Clive Hersee (Sep)

Guava Indian Page to Januario

Miss N Hamilton (May)

Alice Imms (Sep)

Sebastiano page to the Queen

Nellie Clifton

Miguel a friend of Don Prolixio

Mr West

Luis a friend of Don Prolixio

Mr Hughes

Pedro a friend of Don Prolixio

Mr Litton

Pascal a friend of Don Prolixio

Mr Crook

First Naval Cadet

Alice Imms

Second Naval Cadet

Miss Corri

Third Naval Cadet

Miss Cooke

Fourth Naval Cadet

Miss St George (May)

Viola St John (Sep)

Fifth Naval Cadet

Miss St George (Sep)

Performance DatesNaval Cadet 1880

Map List

Theatre Royal, Dundee | Dundee

4 May, 19.30 6 May, 19.30 14 Sep, 19.30 17 Sep, 19.30

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