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Geneviève de Brabant 1880Soldene English and Comic Opera Company

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The famous gendarmes' duet may be the only piece to remain in any way familiar, but Geneviève was one of the most popular operettas in its time, returning year after year. Being slightly shorter than the other pieces on the tour, it was followed by an afterpiece, on this occasion Trial By Jury, giving the company's Don José, Durward Lely, his first experience of the Gilbert and Sullivan idiom that would be his bread and butter for the next few years.

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Performance Cast

Drogan an apprentice pastry cook

Emily Soldene

Geneviève Duchess of Brabant

Rose Stella

Brigitte Geneviève's confidante

Viola St John

Cocorico Duke of Brabant

Signor Olmi

Oswald the Duke's page

Clara Vesey

Golo Minister of Police

Mr W Quinton


Clive Hersee

Charles Martel a Paldin

Mr Appleby

Philibert Martel's squire

Lydia Hamilton

Graburges one of the gens d'armes

Fred W Sidney

Pitou one of the gens d'armes

Thomas W Sidney

Hermit of the Valley

Mr West

Pip a page of the household

Alice Imms

Peterkin a page of the household

Miss Corri

Performance DatesGeneviève de Brabant 1880

Map List

Theatre Royal, Dundee | Dundee

16 Sep, 19.30

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