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Robin Hood 1890J W Turner's English Opera Company

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Many of the same singers were still in the company from the previous season's tour.

The Dundee visit shows a rather surprising inclusion of two Mozart operas in the Turner repertoire.



Mr J W Turner's English Opera Company in Scotland - 1890

Further venues and dates to be confirmed.

The performances were as follows:

Dundee, w/c 6 October:  Mon 6 Robin Hood;  Tue 7 Don Giovanni;  Wed 8 Martha;  Thu 9 Lily of Killarney;  Fri 10 Marriage of Figaro;  Sat 11 Maritana.

Performance Cast

Robin Hood in disguise as Locksley

Mr J W Turner (Oct 6)

Sir Reginald d' Bracy Sheriff of Nottingham

Edward Griffin (Oct 6)

Hugo the Sompnour (a tithe gatherer)

John Ridding (Oct 6)

Allan-a-Dale a young peasant

Mr H C Edwards (Oct 6)

Little John an outlaw

Sidney Clifford (Oct 6)

Much the miller's son, an outlaw

Frank Land (Oct 6)

Will Scarlett an outlaw

Mr T J Rennie (Oct 6)

Marian the Sheriff's daughter

Constance Bellamy (Oct 6)

Alice Marian's attendant

Florence Lambeth

Production Cast


Mr T E Turrell (Oct 6)

Performance DatesRobin Hood 1890

Map List

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

6 Oct, 19.30

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