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Martha 1890J W Turner's English Opera Company

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Perhaps the most English of foreign operas, this good-natured comedy retained a place in the repertoire well into the twentieth century, though it has since rather faded. In the late-Victorian period, it was very popular.

Performance Cast

Lady Harriet Durham Maid of Honour to Queen Anne

Marie d' Alcourt (Oct 8)

Nancy maid to Lady Harriet

Josephine Yorke (Oct 8)

Sir Tristram Mickleford Lady Harriet's cousin

Edward Griffin (Oct 8)

Plunkett a wealthy young farmer

John Ridding (Oct 8)

Lionel Plunkett's foster-brother

Mr J W Turner (Oct 8)

Sheriff of Richmond

Sidney Clifford (Oct 8)

Performance DatesMartha 1890

Map List

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee | Dundee

8 Oct, 19.30

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