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Nordisa 1887Carl Rosa Opera Company

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One of a number of operas commissioned by Carl Rosa, Nordisa opened in Liverpool and had an extensive tour through 1887. It seems to have had a popular success in Glasgow, with extra performances added. In Edinburgh, Georgina Burns and Aynsley Cook were both indisposed, but the covers seem to have acquitted themselves well.

Performance Cast

Nordisa a peasant girl

Fanny Moody

Count Oscar Lydal a young aristocrat

Payne Clarke

Baroness Nymark Count Oscar's aunt

Jenny Dickerson

Minna Baroness Nymark's daughter

Georgina Burns (Exc Dec 2)

Kate Drew (Dec 2)

Lieutenant Frederick Hansen

Mr F H Celli

Andreas Brand an old soldier

Max Eugene

Halvor an innkeeper, brother-in-law of Andreas

Aynsley Cook (Exc Dec 2)

Harry Brooklyn (Dec 2)

Margit Halvor's wife

Kate Drew (Exc Dec 2)

Rita Presano (Dec 2)


Charles Campbell

Young Shepherd

Annie Cook (Nov 15; Dec 2)

Miss Sanky (Nov 22, 26)

Performance DatesNordisa 1887

Map List

Royalty, Glasgow | Glasgow

15 Nov, 19.30 18 Nov, 19.30 22 Nov, 19.30 26 Nov, 19.00

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

2 Dec, 00.00

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