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Samson and Delilah 1925Carl Rosa Opera Company

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The Scotsman (13 April) reviewed performances of Samson and Delilah and Faust given on Saturday 11 April.

Of Faust, it was said it has an apparently unshakable hold on public favour, for the house was crowded in every part.  "Both performances were of a kind which merited the hearty approval with which they were received.  After a week of Carl Rosa performances one fact which emerges is that the organisation which for over half a century has done so much  to keep opera alive in this country, is advancing steadily in the artistic quality and general efficiency of its work.  A new management is making its influence felt, and it is satisfactory to observe pubic appreciation of the fact reflected in much larger audiences than were secured here a year ago

"The performance of Samson and Delilah called for nothing but praise.  The Samson of Mr Ben Williams was picturesque and dramatic as an impersonation, while musically it was unfailingly pleasing.  Miss Gladys Parr was seen here as Delilah for the first time last year, and a second experience of the force and conviction of the impersonation, and of its voca charmmaterially strengthened former impressions of the artistic nature of her reading of a characterwhich affords great opportunities.  Mr FLintoff Moore's High Priest was another fine study; Mr Ewart Thomas made a rather more dignified Abimolech than is commonly seen, and with considerable advantage to the general effect, and there was dignity also in the Aged Hebrew of Mr Frederic Clendon.  dignity, in fact a certain suggestion of the statuesque, is demanded by Saint Saens's opera, whi is actually a seried=s of tableaux rather than a drama.  This suggestion of dignity was very happily realised on saturday, and the opera progressed in a series of stage pictures which was fine in the disposition of theirmasses and the rich harmony of their colouring.  The ballet, with the Misses Marjorie Lancaster and Jean Brady as the principal dancers, was, as usual,a very effective feature of the preformance.  Mr Charles Webber conducted, and under his direction the polished beauty of Saint-Saens's treatment of the subject received every justice."  

Performance Cast

Abimelech Satrap of Gaza

W Ewart Thomas

Dalila a Philistine priestess

Gladys Parr

Hebrew Elder

Frederick Clendon

High Priest of Dagon

Flintoff Moore


Ben Williams

Performance DatesSamson and Delilah 1925

Map List

Theatre Royal, Glasgow | Glasgow

10 Mar, 19.15

Royal Lyceum Theatre | Edinburgh

11 Apr, 14.15

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