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Voix Humaine 1960Glyndebourne Opera

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Poulenc's setting of this little drama by Cocteau has always been an effective vehicle for good singing actresses, and here, Denise Duval, the creator of the part, was in her element. with Cocteau recreating his original staging.

This was the central 'serious' item in a triple bill, preceded by Wolf-Ferrari's Susanna's Secret and followed by Busoni's Arlecchino.


Glyndebourne Opera at the Edinburgh Festival 1960

On its final Festival visit, Glyndebourne brought three programmes - a proven favourite by Verdi, a rare example of bel canto and a varied triple bill of twentieth century one-acters.

The five operas were:  Bellini (puritani);  Verdi (Falstaff);  Busoni (Arlecchino);  Wolf-Ferrari (Susanna's Secret);  Poulenc (La Voix Humaine).

The three week performance schedule was as follows:

First Week, w/c 22 August:   Mon 22 np;   Tue 23 Falstaff;   Wed 24 Puritani;   Thu 25 Falstaff;  Fri  26 Puritani;    Sat 27 Falstaff.

Second Week, w/c 29 August:   Mon 29 Falstaff;   Tue 30 Triple Bill;   Wed 31 Puritani;   Thu 1 Sep Triple Bill;   Fri 2 Falstaff;   Sat 3 Puritani.

Third Week, w/c 5 September:   Mon 5 Triple Bill,   Tue 6 Falstaff;   Wed 7 Triple Bill;   Thu 8 Puritani;   Fri 9 Falstaff;   Sat 10 Puritani.

Performance Cast


Denise Duval

Performance DatesVoix Humaine 1960

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King's Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

30 Aug, 19.30 1 Sep, 19.30 5 Sep, 19.30 7 Sep, 19.30

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