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Serva Padrona 1763Gurrini Italian Burletta Company

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This first visit to Scotland by an Italian company brought Pergolesi's comedy north within thirty years of its Naples premiere. The visit lasted from 21 June to 30 July, so must have been reasonably successful in financial terms.

Several of these short operas were played, interspersed with orchestral pieces. Other stage works featured were by composers Jommelli, Carbonini, and Rinaldo di Capua, as well as a second Pergolesi work, Livietta e Tracollo.

Performance Cast

Uberto a bachelor

Signor Gurrini

Serpina Uberto's maid

Signora Gurrini

Production Cast


Signor Arrigoni

Performance DatesServa Padrona 1763

Map List

Edinburgh Theatre, Canongate | Edinburgh

21 Jun, 00.00 23 Jun, 00.00 4 Jul, 00.00 18 Jul, 00.00

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