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Frederic Austin's exhumation of The Beggar's Opera at the Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, in 1920 was one of the greatest theatrical successes of the period, and by the time it came on tour to Scotland it had been running continuously in London for over two years. The tour was under the management of Taylor Platt and Wilfred Eaton.

While the conductor Eugene Goossens was a familiar figure in Scottish theatres, the sound of a harpsichord played by Miss Bertha Tomlin, supplementing (in Dundee) Mr McDonald's resident pit band, would have been a much greater surprise for most of the audience.

This tour's thunder may have been stolen, at least in Dundee, by the occurrence of a General Election the previous Thursday. In this, one of the city's long-serving MPs, a Liberal by the name of Winston Churchill, was unseated by Edwin Scrymgeour a representative of the Prohibitionist cause.

Modern Revival: Edition by Frederic Austin.

First Performance at Lyric Theatre, Hammersmith, June 5 1920.

The London cast consisted of: Frederic Austin, Alfred Heather, Nonny Lock, Violet Marquesita, Sylvia Nelis, Frederick Ranalow, and Arthur Wynn.

Later cast changes included Colin Ashdown, Phyllis Blackburne, Frederic Davies, Kathlyn Hilliard, Tristan Rawson, H Scott Russell, and Dorothy Smithard.


Additional Scottish tour dates (probably Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen) to be established.

Performance Cast

Mr Peachum a 'fence'

Sydney Groom

Filch employee of Peachum

Stanley Vilven

Polly Peachum Peachum's daughter

Rose Hignell

Macheath a highwayman

Gordon Sherry

Lockit the gaoler

Colin Coop

Lucy Lockit Lockit's daughter

Dorothy Gill

Performance DatesBeggar's Opera 1922

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