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Colomba 1883Carl Rosa Opera Company

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Mackenzie had been a child prodigy, and was established as a successful composer. He came from a musical family in Edinburgh, and was seen as returning home to his friends. However, the high hopes of all concerned were largely unfulfilled. The potentially dramatic storyline does not seem to have been well adapted by the librettist, with the central roles being under-written, and the plot badly structured. Mr Hueffer's services do not seem to have been required in that capacity subsequently. However, a decade later he did supply the English translation of Verdi's Otello, for which Boito had already provided a perfect structure.

Performance Cast

Count de Nevers Governor of Corsica, Orso's commander

Henry Pope

Lydia the Count's daughter, engaged to Orso

Annette Albu

Orso Della Robbia a Corsican officer in the French army

Barton McGuckin

Colomba Orso's sister

Marie Roze

Giuseppe Barracini

William Ludwig

Savelli a Corsican bandit

George Snazelle

Chilina Savelli's daughter

Clara Perry

Performance DatesColomba 1883

Map List

Theatre Royal, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

5 Nov, 00.00 9 Nov, 00.00

Royalty, Glasgow | Glasgow

14 Nov, 00.00 19 Nov, 00.00

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