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Zauberflöte 2012Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

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Mozart's mystical, magical masterpiece was an ambitious project for students to take on in the Royal Conservatoire opera programme. Any fears proved completely groundless, since the results were of a quality that was simply astonishing. Even the potential hazards of performing pages of dialogue in German were coped with easily by all concerned, and Andrew McTaggart had the audience eating out of his hand from his first entry. It can be no surprise that he now joins Scottish Opera's Emerging Artist programme. With lovely phrasing from Tamino (Emanoel Velozo) and Pamina (Kim Lillian Strebel), fearless high and low notes from the Queen and Sarastro, and beautifully matched voices in the three ladies and boys, there was little sign of immaturity in the cast, and the chorus and orchestra produced glorious sounds in the ideal space of the New Athenaeum.

William Relton's fascinating production also provided a challenge which was dealt with confidently. It was beautifully designed in a generally 1950s style. During the overture Tamino returned from school, and Dad (Sarastro) from the office. The household was unhappy - Mum (the Queen of Night) may have looked like a domestic goddess but did not cook like one. A miserable boy retired to bed where he proceeded to have a nightmare to which the other characters entered in turn. When he was led off in his pyjamas clutching his teddy bear, the three boys were dressed as Wolf Cubs. Overall the sense of unity was remarkable - perhaps the trials by fire and water were underplayed, but the introduction to the perils of pipe-smoking and whisky-drinking was beautifully presented. There was little reference to the masonic background - only a brief trouser-rolling sequence for the chorus. The end was novel - the happy couple, appalled when Sarastro throttles the Queen with his bare hands, reject the path of wisdom and don casual attire similar to the Papageno couple. Tamino then retires to bed (with teddy) as the curtain falls.

Performance Cast

Tamino a Prince

Emanoel Velozo (Jun 9, 13)

Raoni Hübner (Jun 11, 14)

First Lady in attendance on the Queen

Elizabeth Chennell

Second Lady in attendance on the Queen

Jane Evelyn

Third Lady in attendance on the Queen

Lynda-Jane Nelson

Papageno a bird-catcher

Andrew McTaggart (Jun 9, 13)

Douglas Nairne (Jun 11, 14)

Queen of Night

Barbara Cole Walton

Monostatos a servant in the Temple

Joseph Oparamanuike

Pamina daughter of the Queen of Night

Kim-Lillian Strebel (Jun 9, 13)

Elinor Rolfe Johnson (Jun 11, 14)

First Boy

Sarah Breslin

Second Boy

Anne Sophie Skaalvik

Third Boy

Chelsea Plaskitt

Speaker at the Temple

Dominic Barberi

Sarastro High Priest of Isis and Osiris

Andrew Tipple

First Priest

Luke Sinclair

Second Priest

Christopher Nairne

Papagena disguised as an old woman

Deborah Rudden (Jun 9, 13)

Hazel McBain (Jun 11, 14)

First Armed Man

Richard Pratt

Second Armed Man

Nicholas Cowie


Thomas Kinch

Lawrence Smith

Brian McBride

Performance DatesZauberflöte 2012

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New Athenaeum Theatre | Glasgow

9 Jun, 19.15 11 Jun, 19.15 13 Jun, 19.15 14 Jun, 19.15

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