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Sadko 1995Kirov Opera, Leningrad

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Sadko was presented in a design concept which was the recreation of a staging from 1920 - brightly coloured and folk-influenced, reminiscent of Bakst and the other artists employed by Diaghilev. The opera itself is gloriously tuneful, with lovely sequences of ballet music. The role of Sadko, hardly ever off stage, is an exhausting one, but Galuzin showed no ill-effects following his absence from the Kitezh cast. Galina Gorchakova, however, did drop out of her scheduled opening performance as Volkhova, the Sea King's daughter. Gegam Grigorian, one of the company's leading tenors, also dropped out from his scheduled role as the Indian Merchant.

Performance Cast

Sadko a gusli player and singer in Novgorod

Vladimir Galuzin

Lyubava Buslayevna Sadko's wife

Yevgenia Tselovalnik (Aug 21)

Olga Korzhenskaya (Aug 22)

Okian-more (Ocean) the Sea King

Alexander Morozov

Volkhova a Princess, the Sea King's favourite daughter

Valentina Tsidipova

Nezhata a young minstrel from Kiev

Olga Markova-Mikhailenko

Duda an entertainer

Grigory Karasov

Sopel an entertainer

Nikolai Gassiev

Foma Nazarich a priest

Victor Vikhrov (Aug 21)

Viacheslav Lukhanin (Aug 22)

Viking Merchant

Bulat Minzhilkiev

Venetian Merchant

Alexander Gergalov

Indian Merchant

Sergey Kunaev

Apparition a mythic warrior appearing as an old pilgrim

Nikolai Putilin

Performance DatesSadko 1995

Map List

Festival Theatre, Edinburgh | Edinburgh

21 Aug, 18.30 22 Aug, 18.30

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