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In 2011 NOISE premiered this promenade opera in Sloans pub in Glasgow. Heralded as 'soaring drama, heartfelt emotion and robust comedy - a fresh and lively take on chamber opera traditions.' Here the concept was transplanted for the first time to Aberdeen.

The Sloans Project blurs the line between audience as participant and spectator; as audiences travel over two floors of Aberdeen's 'Illicit Still' and tales of life's emotional cycle of marriage, love, and loss unfold.  From young love to unrequited tortured love, loss of a beloved friend and the rekindling of an old forgotten romance, the 'Illicit Still' provides the perfect backdrop to this novel piece of music theatre.

Performance DatesSloans Project 2012

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Illicit Still, Aberdeen | Aberdeen

1 Nov, 19.30 2 Nov, 13.00

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