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Promessi Sposi 1932Glasgow Grand Opera Society

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At this point Glasgow Grand were about to embark on their 'golden age' under the guidance of Erik Chisholm, with the first British productions of Idomeneo, The Trojans, Benvenuto Cellini and Beatrice and Benedick.

They appear to have thought, briefly, that Promessi Sposi would make for them another British premiere, the Carl Rosa staging of 1881 having been forgotten. The main reason for resuscitating Ponchielli's first opera was the great success enjoyed the year before with La gioconda. Press reports suggest they created their own new translation, since the score was Italian only - Henry Hersee's version from 1881 seems not to have been published.

Unfortunately the opera is very uneven, and simply not of the same quality as the irrepressibly tuneful Gioconda. It has never again been performed in Britain.

Performance Cast

Lucia betrothed to Renzo

Dorothy Pugh (Apr 11, 13, 15)

Tina McIntyre (Apr 12, 14, 16)

Lady of Monza an abbess

Jenny Black (Apr 11, 13, 15)

Mary Morrison 2 (Apr 12, 14, 16)

Renzo betrothed to Lucia

Harold Green (Apr 11, 13, 15)

Alan Montgomery (Apr 12, 14, 16)

Don Rodrigo

Leggat Paisley (Apr 11, 13, 15)

John C Boak (Apr 12, 14, 16)

Fra Cristoforo a Capuchin friar

John Leonard (Apr 11, 13, 15)

William Noble (Apr 12, 14, 16)

Agnese Lucia's mother

Louie Blincow

Performance DatesPromessi Sposi 1932

Map List

Royal Princess's Theatre, Glasgow | Glasgow

11 Apr, 19.30 12 Apr, 19.30 13 Apr, 19.30 14 Apr, 19.30 15 Apr, 19.30 16 Apr, 19.30

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